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Outdoor stables

Are you looking for a sturdy, high-quality outdoor stable, shelter or a system stable? We have listed the various options for an outdoor stable for you.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Please contact us and we will make an appropriate design and quotation for you.

Outdoor stables

All kinds of variations are possible when designing and building an outdoor stable. The outdoor stables vary from simple to very luxurious. The outdoor stables of Van den Oetelaar are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions. It is also possible to add an extendable wall.

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If your horse is in the pasture 24/7, it is nice if he can shelter now and then. Shelters offer your horse a sheltered place against all kinds of weather conditions. The shelters are made from robust, durable material.

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System stables

Do you want a complete outdoor stable with the same possibilities and options as a regular box? A system stable might be the solution! The system stable can vary from a couple of boxes to a complete boarding stable and has the same options as a horse stable. System stables are available in various types and sizes.

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