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Stable Maas

Stable Maas

Wim and Coby built a large new-build barn. This was divided into two parts. One part for mother Coby and daughter Mariette. Together they share a love of horses. The other part is for the men of the family. A spirited time around their former pigsty at another place in the village provided the location and opportunities they have today. And they seize those opportunities with both hands!

Stable Lima

The stables of Wim, Coby and Mariette feature the Lima type of stable from VDO Stables. A model stable with high front walls and stainless steel fastenings.

More about Lima

Working hard for the horse dream

Father, mother and daughter, all crazy about horses, are now working very hard together for the future horse farm. The facilities on their site are brand new and some still under construction, such as a riding arena and lunging circle. Step by step, they are working towards Mariette’s dream: a rearing and training stable. After her HAVO, she starts her studies in equestrian business administration. Now, Mariette mainly gains a lot of experience at other horse farms.

Practical layout

The first thing that strikes you about the stable building is its practical layout. Three large rearing stables for several young horses, two spacious maternity stables for mares with foals, twelve regular stalls and a washing area with room for two horses. With spacious corridors, plenty of daylight and large doors. This stable certainly offers future prospects for Mariette.

Slowly building up

Most of the new stable building is in place. Now mother and daughter continue to build their beautiful location together. Currently, part of the regular stalls are rented out to a boarding stable that is short of capacity. Two of the three rearing stables house young horses. The aim is to expand this further and later take on more training horses for Mariette. But everything step by step. Slowly, the horse farm of the future is being built here. A riding arena and lunging circle are under construction, among other things. More facilities will be added later, depending on Mariette’s wishes.

Coby and Mariette's choices

To later run a successful horse business, Mariette gained experience in various places. At these different places, she also got inspiration for her stables. Some examples are the round bulbs on the uprights of the stables and the extra lock at the bottom of the stable doors. Wim and Coby left their daughter free in these choices: “In the end, it is her future business”.
More of Mariette’s choices include:

  1. High front walls with hatches
  2. Bamboo wood on the front walls
  3. Round openings at the feeders in the bars
  4. Bulb on the uprights of the stables
  5. Extra locking on the stall doors
  6. Wide aisles
  7. Paddock doors to the outside in the rearing stables
  8. Sliding doors in the rearing stables
  9. Washroom wall

Stables Lima

The stables we built for Wim, Coby and Mariette are of our Lima model. We built these stables in a newly built barn and were therefore able to keep standard dimensions. Customisation is always possible and there is a lot to choose from with each model.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? We like to think along with you. Click through below to the Lima stables, which are also at Familie Maas in Leende, and have a look at the possibilities.

More about Lima