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Tango is a stable with revolving doors, where the front is gracefully curved. The front wall has a stainless steel lock. On this page you can see photos of different versions and read more about the possibilities.

Custom made stables

All our stables can be made to measure. We make all parts ourselves and can therefore deliver them in almost any size. With many different choices of side walls, doors and windows.

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Horse stable Tango - Specifications

  • Treatment steel: fully galvanized
  • Sleeves outer frame: rectangular 80x50x3 mm
  • Top tube: round 48.3×2.9 mm
  • Other tubes: square 50x50x2 mm (option: 50x50x3)
  • Height: wall 2,485 mm / headroom 2,355 mm
  • Door: Hinged doors with adjustable hinges
  • Door opening: depending on width of wall (2 equal doors)
  • Closure of wicket door: parallel latch (option: finger trap with foot lock)
  • Lock of second door: bolt at the bottom
  • Bars: round 25×2 mm (option: 26,9×2,35)
  • Bar spacing: 48 to 50 mm (depending on wall width)
  • Feed opening: straight (option: curved)
  • C-profile for shelves: special rolled 50x50x50x3 mm
  • Shelves: synthetic shelves brown or black (option: grey, beige or brick-red)

Horse stable Tango - Additional options

  • Shelves: coated bamboo shelves
  • Turnable feeding trough
  • Horizontal decorative shelf (top and/or bottom)
  • Ornamental balls on the tubes
  • Tube on top double rolled (wave)

Sidewalls for Tango

When it comes to sidewalls, there are many choices to be made. Of course, those choices can even vary from one barn to another. We have named the most common options. The numbers correspond to the numbers on the drawings.

  • ZW01 – Sidewall half lattice
  • ZW02 – Sidewall half bars, extendable (raised)
  • ZW03 – Sidewall half bars, extendable
  • ZW04 – Half trellis side panel, turnable in two parts
  • ZW05 – Sidewall half bars, 1 meter closed (prevents feed envy)
  • ZW06 – Sidewall bars/boards, turnable in two parts
  • ZW07 – Sidewall shelves/ bars, turnable in two parts
  • ZW08 – Sidewall one-third bars
  • ZW09 – Sidewall half bars, 1 meter curved
  • ZW10 – Sideboard shelves
  • ZW11 – Sideboard shelves, turnable in two parts
  • ZW12 – Sidewall loft

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