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Thuisstallen Jeslin en Quince

Home Stables Jeslin and Quince

Recently, ponies Gabbertje and Xemara have been living in their new stables at the home of Jeslin, Quince and their parents. From their beautiful spot and viewing window, the ponies can keep a close eye on the driveway. The house still needs to be remodeled, but the stables are completely finished.

Horse stable India

In the stables of Jeslin and Quince you can see the India back from VDO Horse Stables. A model stable with half low front walls with opening doors.

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Pony Love

The existing barn was used to place three pony stalls with a half low front wall. A condition of mother Christanie was shutters with bamboo wood. So that outside of the stables, after the renovation, would fit well with the style of the house. Jeslin and Quince really like it that their ponies are at home and they love to show what they do with them. From dressage, jumping to pommel horse. In the future one of the ponies might even get a foal. Here they love ponies!

Stables India

The stables we built for Jeslin and Quince’s ponies are of our model India. We built these stables in the existing barn. Customization is always possible and with each model there is a lot to choose from.

Do you already have an idea how you want your stables to be built? We like to think along with you. Click below to the stables India, which are also at Jeslin and Quince, and see the possibilities.

More about India