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Yvonne’s Frisians

Yvonne's Frisians

A beautiful house on a dirt track in a country area. Right next door is an equally idyllic building where Yvonne’s three Friesian horses have their stables. Spacious meadows outside and when the gate opens, you drive right into the green between the trees. A little paradise has been created here…

Horse stable Sierra

The type of stable Yvonne had made for her Friesians is the Sierra from VDO Stables. A model stable with solid front walls with sliding doors.

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The cottage of outdoor rides

Yvonne often passed by the house when she was out riding with friends. After a chat with the owners, it later turned out to be possible to take over the house and she and her husband could start building their dream place here. The land around the house had not been maintained for years and gave way to meadows and a lovely garden. The old sheep barn became the destination for the horses.

Three Frisians

There are three Friesians in the stables. One for rearing, one for sport and one who is already a bit older and gets to enjoy outdoor rides with us. “Before we lived here, my horses were at a boarding stable,” says Yvonne. “Now I look out on the stables from our house and we can see the horses walking in the meadows when we sit in the garden. The renovation took a while, but I am so happy with the result!”.

Stables Sierra

The old barn that now houses the horses required customisation when it came to the stables. With the Sierra model, we made the best use of the space to create three spacious stables. In the remaining space, we placed posts for the washing area, where Yvonne also had a solarium hung.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? We love to think along with you. Click below to go to Sierra Stables and check out the possibilities.

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