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Turn-tilt windows

By means of a turn-tilt window your horse can enjoy some fresh air in the stable. In addition, it is nice for a horse to be able to see his surroundings through the window Options:

  • Heavy angle frame with loose cavity seal or heavy frame with fixed cavity seal
  • Arched windows


  • Closing by means of a latch lock with knob or by means of a tongue lock with key
  • Glass assembly by means of glass slats or by means of sealant
  • Removable bar rack for protection of the glass
  • Closing by means of a latch lock
  • Adjustable hinges


  • Sizes in consultation
  • HOP-profile


  • Choice of plastic planks of 32 mm in the colours brown or black and/or choice of bamboo planks of 32 mm in the colour chestnut brown
  • 331 safety glass
  • Rain rim on the frame

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