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Stable Donkhorst

Boarding stable & care farm

It is always busy at Donkhorst Stables. From boarding clients and riding lessons for people with disabilities to clients of the care farm. Everyone enjoys horses in their own way. Between 2004 and 2018, the farm was focused on rearing young cattle; they have been running the care farm since 2005. In recent years, they developed a lively boarding stable.

Stable Golf

At Donkhorst Stables, you will see our Golf model. Solid stables with sliding doors. Many choices can be made within the Golf model.

More about Golf

From dairy farm to horse stables

Pleun, Arnold and Anja’s daughter, has been crazy about horses from a young age. Her older brothers did not want to take over the dairy farm. Pleun was interested in taking over her parents’ business, but not with dairy cattle. Rather with horses. That was the reason for Arnold to turn the dairy farm into a care farm and boarding house. The barn was emptied and stables were placed in the already existing frame. With extra attention to fresh air and natural light.

Part of the stables were realised by VDO Horsestables. We thought along in formats and delivered stables with a length of 3.90 metres. The side walls of the stables have an open and a closed section. This way, the horses can make contact with each other, but there is peace and quiet at feeding times. And in a single stable, we made a closed side wall on the side next to the large sliding door. This way, the horse is not in a draught. A hatch at the front of the stables allows the horses to look out into the corridor.

Horse farms

The care farm, boarding stables and riding lessons of the Disabled Riding Foundation complement each other. During the day, clients of the care farm are busy taking care of the horses in boarding and the foundation’s riding school horses. Boarding clients walk in and out throughout the day to give their own horses exercise. Around this, the Disabled Riding Foundation provides various riding lessons in the indoor arena or in the forest and rides with the covered wagon. And the horses? They are very calm. Precisely because there is something going on here all day long.

A glimpse into the future

In a few years, Pleun will take over the business. For now, she mainly enjoys riding her two horses and the chores in between milking the cows at her other job. We hope that everyone can continue to enjoy horses here for a long time and in their own way. Because a beautiful place, with very nice people, it certainly is.

Stable Donkhorst's choices

The stables were built into an existing structure. By providing tailor-made solutions, the stables fit exactly to the uprights in the space. Rather more spacious stables, than an unnecessarily wide aisle. Some other details we looked at in consultation:

  1. Sliding doors
  2. Closed sections in the side wall
  3. See-through hatches
  4. Closed side wall with open doors

Stables Golf

The stables we built from VDO Horsestables at Donkhorst Stables are of the Golf model. Closed sections were chosen for the side walls. Customisation is always possible and there is a lot to choose from with each product.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? We like to think along with you. Click through below to the Golf model they chose at Donkhorst Stables and take a look at the possibilities.

More about Golf