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Racehorses in Boxmeer

Racehorses in Boxmeer

In the middle of Boxmeer, located in a seemingly normal residential area is the house of Anja and Hugo. Behind the house, we hear from them the story of two racehorses. A special and beautiful place, from people who have created their own space for their passion.

Horse stable Lima

Anja’s racehorses are housed in two room stables of our model Lima. Beautiful high front walls with luxurious stainless steel closure.

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Horse Racing

Anja and Hugo have a great passion for horse racing. A lesser-known branch of equestrian sport. Their racehorses come from England and with a permanent team of various specialists such as a horse dentist, the farrier and a ‘cracker’, Anja has ensured that the horses are top fit and feel at home in their spacious, robust stables. Because the place where the horses are stabled, and the stables they are kept in, also have an impact on their well-being and performance.

Together with their regular jockeys, Anja and Hugo travel to Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Krefeld, Ostend, Mons and Duindigt, among others, to bring their horses out in the various horse races. The focus is always on how the horse feels, as this is very important to them.
They do not have to travel far for training: there is a racecourse within walking distance of Anja and Hugo’s special place. It is very practical, as the horses are trained at the racecourse five times a week. Always with their own jockey. That creates a special bond, the combination becomes a unit and the horse trusts the jockey completely. And as Anja says: “A horse that is comfortable in its skin also performs better.”

Metworstrennen in Boxmeer

Every year on Carnival Monday, a centuries-old horse race is held in Boxmeer. The Metworstrennen. The winner of this horse race becomes the ‘King of the Metworst’ for one year. He receives the inheritance tax: a seven cubits long metworst, a road and a loaf of bread, two barrels of beer and half a pig’s head. Hugo too was once ‘King of the Metworst’!

Not just anyone can participate in the Metworstrennen. Participation is only possible for unmarried Boxmeer boys born in the municipality of Boxmeer and raised and living in the church village of Boxmeer, who are also members of the ‘Instelling der Tijdelijck Jonggesellen van Boxmeer’. It used to be believed that when the young bachelor riders would ride through the fields of the Gods, it would benefit fertility for the coming year. The ‘fertility rides’ were held at the beginning of Lent, which is why the link with Carnival was later established.

Anja and Hugo's choices

When building stables, optimal use was made of space. With one open side of the building, there is fresh air and the horses also look out on the chickens that run next door. A few more specific choices from Anja and Hugo:

  1. Robust, spacious stables with plenty of fresh air
  2. A stable window for a clear view
  3. Mini door in the swing door
  4. Ornamental balls on the uprights

Stables Lima

The stables we built at Anja’s place are of our Lima model. In these stables, we made a mini-door in the front wall and placed decorative balls on the uprights. Customisation is always possible and there is a lot to choose from with each product.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? We like to think along with you. Click through below to the Lima stables, which Anja also chose, and see the possibilities.

More about Lima