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Stables of Glenn

Boarding, training and trading stable

Working safely and practically is just as important at this stable as the well-being of the horses. With hay bins that can be filled from the aisle, sliding partitions for mechanical mucking out and a separate area for hanging blankets and covers, daily stable work can be done as simply and efficiently as possible.

Stable Golf

This boarding, training and trading stable opted for the Golf horse stable model. Solid stables with sliding doors. Many choices can still be made within the Golf model.

More about Golf

Practical working

Wide aisles and no saddle supports or covers on the front walls of stalls. Safer and more practical while working in and around stables. For example, when filling the hay rack. Or while feeding pellets in the stainless steel mangers on top of the hay racks. A combination you do not often see: a front wall with a feeding trough in the middle and a hay rack underneath. Very handy, though. Because the rack can be filled from the aisle.

A separate area above the tack room has been created for hanging out blankets and covers. Riders can store their things in their own cupboard in the tack room and hang out damp, used things on the blanket racks and saddle racks on the first floor above the tack room. And extra nice is that from there you look out over the stables.

Machine mucking out

With a retractable partition, the stables can be mechanically mucked out. The horses then stand in the meadow. When developing the stables, the width of the corridor and the partitions were taken into account. If you extend the partition walls, they extend to the front wall of the stable on the other side of the aisle. This way, the horses can also stand on the aisle between the sliding partitions during machine mucking out.

Fresh air

The horses are nicely outside in the meadow during the day. And in the evening, they can enjoy looking outside through the hatch near their stable. The design takes into account the adjacent meadows along the stables. This is why tilt-and-turn windows were chosen. This allows the hatches to be fully open but also only in the tilted position. This ensures peace and quiet when there are horses both inside and outside.

Belle van Breugel Sporthorses

Part of the stables is rented by Belle van Breugel Sporthorses. Training horses and bringing them out in the (show jumping) sport is her great passion. She is a fanatical rider who finds it important to train the horses dressage correctly. Whereas Belle started as a rider at various stables, she now has a number of ‘her own’ stables at her disposal. While training, Belle uses the facilities available on the premises. These include a covered treadmill, outdoor and indoor arena.

Glenn's choices

To work easily, you have to make smart choices. In consultation with acquaintances and VDO Horstestables, Glenn has certainly done that. Some of Glenn’s choices include:

  1. Hay racks with stainless steel mangers on top
  2. Sliding partitions
  3. Raised rafters for machine mucking out
  4. Blanket racks and saddle racks above the tack room
  5. Rings for halters and halter ropes
  6. Outer windows

Stables Golf

The stables we built for Glenn are of our Golf model. We made raised trusses at these stables so that they can be machine mucked out. Customisation is always possible and there is a lot to choose from with each product.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? We like to think along with you. Click through below to the stables Golf, which Glenn also chose and see the possibilities.

More about Golf