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Pension stable M&M

Pension stable M&M

Maarten and Marleen had the chance to buy a special place. They did. What was first a western stable has in recent years become a boarding stable, breeding and small-scale trading stable. With unique bespoke products. Stal M&M was born out of Maarten and Marleen’s passion for horses. From jumping to breeding. There is always activity here.


Maarten and Marleen’s stables are custom-made products. The front walls of the indoor stables have a sliding door containing a V-opening. The front walls of the outdoor stables are a two-piece paddock door with shelves.

More about VDO Horsestables

From hobby to trading and boarding house

“Actually, it’s a hobby that got out of hand,” says Maarten. Ever since he was young, Maarten has been coming to riding school Molenheide. To ride horses and later also to teach. His passion in equestrian sports? That lies mainly in jumping. Marleen, Maarten’s partner, was known at Molenheide Manege as instructor of various riding lessons, now she is a veterinarian at veterinary practice de Meierij. Her interest lies mainly in foal breeding and the gynaecological part involved.

About 11 years ago, Maarten and Marleen got the chance to buy the current plot of land with house and stables. Back then, it was still a western stable. Since then, many horses that Maarten and Marleen bred themselves have been sold abroad. With their passion for horses and previous experience, together they have shaped stable M&M in Schijndel. A stable with a lot of activity, sport horses, brood mares and a cosy circle of boarders.

Improve step by step

Through acquaintances, Maarten and Marleen came into contact with VDO Stables. In recent years, there was always a project to work on. From the house, to new stables and a practice room for Marleen. Maarten particularly appreciates VDO Paardenstallen’s creativity, he says: “You can buy various standard products, but if you start talking, anything is actually possible. For example, we wanted square windows in the doors and asked if that could perhaps also be slanted. That’s how the windows became windows”.

In Marleen’s practice room, we installed a treatment box. With some creative ideas from Maarten, the treatment box can be used for pregnant mares as well as sport horses and ponies. Maarten devised a system to make the treatment box larger and smaller and to adjust the height of the doors at the front and back. This allows both small and large horses to fit in the treatment box and ensures the safety of Marleen, or any other practitioner. Finally, Maarten made a support on which the horse’s head can rest, very useful for when the horse dentist comes and the horse is sedated for treatment.

Stable M&M's choices

Maarten and Marleen turn existing stable buildings into their own unique stable. They do this step by step. When stables need to be replaced and installed, they contact VDO Paardenstallen. So far, Maarten and Marleen already chose:

  1. Rotating feeders
  2. A washing place
  3. A treatment box
  4. Windows in doors
  5. Metal inside the door of the tack room


Maarten and Marleen convert existing stables and barns into their desired stables. Therefore, the products they choose from VDO Horse Stables are custom-made. The front walls of the indoor stables with rotating feed trough, sliding door and a V-opening in the sliding door or the two-piece paddock doors with shelves at the outdoor stables are examples.

Do you already have an idea of how you want your stables to be built? And do you also want to take into account stables and/or barns that are already there? We like to think along with you. Click through to our horse stables below and take a look at the possibilities.